Letter from Supervisor Angie M. Carpenter

Thank you and everyone is getting this email. The deceiving part to this email is that they will be building approximately 9 units on the current residential zone property. The plan does not keep the property 337 McConnell Avenue the way it is. The barn in the back will be removed in order to place 9 units on what is currently Residential A single family dwelling. In fact there is no way the current house could be used as a club house for 55 and older and will need to be removed for that to occur. Please encourage you neighbors to send the emails so that Ms. Carpenter can hear the voices of her constituents. We really feel this will make a difference when it comes time for her to vote on it.

Standard letter sent out
August 4, 2016
Dear Islip Resident:

I am in receipt of your recent correspondence regarding the proposed Bayport Gardens, McConnell Ave. Townhouses application.
According to our Planning Department the facts are as follows. This application is for 30 senior citizen townhomes to be erected on a 4 ½ acre parcel. Currently 3 ½ acres of the parcel are zoned industrial, and 1 acre is zoned residential. Under the plan, all structures on the industrial portion would be cleared, and the residential structure that currently stands would be kept and transformed into a common area for the residents of the town home community. No vote is currently scheduled on this matter, however the Planning Board did recommend this proposal to the Town Board on June 2, 2016.
Unfortunately, as this is a matter that may require my vote in future, I am advised not to comment. I thank you for reaching out and bringing this important matter to my attention, and I encourage you to reach out if I, or my office can ever be of any future assistance.

Warmest Regards,

Angie M. Carpenter
Islip Town Supervisor
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